Automotive Design & Manufacturing

Design and Product development in and outside the car. A playground for lines, curves, colors, fabrics, function and style. Lean and Agile Thinking at the heart of it all.

Education & Research

Translation of (technical) documentation from different sources. Formatting and Desktop Publishing are part of the work. Co-Creation in learning materials on- and offline.

Fashion & Lifestyle

Customized and Personalized Product Design and Development. Haute Couture made possible and accessible for the main stream. Personal coaching and guidance in on-demand styling for specific events.



1. Request or Inquiry

Let us know how we can help or learn more about our services

2. Introduction Meeting

After we have received and processed the inquiry or request one of our team members will contact you to set op a meeting or conference call

3. Exchange of Information

Together we then carefully examine and discuss the request or inquiry to match this with our services and get a good understanding of the needs, requirements and or demands of the lead

4. Our offer in the form of a quote

Within two days we will present an offer based on the agreed requirements and specification clearly stating the work load with a first draft of the planning, finance and quality standard

5. Let the magic begin

The magic starts immediately after we have received a signed quote or offer. The project takes off and our client will be updated regularly about the progress by a dedicated team member

6. Delivery and Follow-Up

After completion of the project we deliver the product to our client. In some cases we present the work in person. After a few days we follow-up with the client to check if everything is in order and if we were able to put a smile on our clients face


Our team is specialized in translation of the English and Dutch written or spoken language. This also includes British and American English. Our translation efforts works two ways. We translate from English to Dutch and vice versa. This can be done for any kind of source (written, spoken, on-screen, books, readers, presentations, flyers, manuals, etc.).


We welcome you to our network of CSTRANSLATIONS
In an ever increasing global and highly connected world balancing your business on the edge of competitiveness and staying creative by putting innovation to work is your core value that we understand and respect. We welcome you to our network of CSTRANSLATIONS. Our job is to make sure that our clients documents are treated with the utmost care and confidentiality while going through the translation process.

“The difference between the right word and the almost right word is really a large matter — it’s the difference between lightning and a lightning bug” - Mark Twain

We have no fancy automated systems in place where the act of doing business with us becomes an invisible transaction instead of customer development on a basis of trust and relationship. We like to get personal. We want to know about your business and how we can fit in to make it thrive more. We believe in building relationships with our clients and partners.



Translation and Interpreting


Editing and Glossary


Proof Reading and Consistency


Desktop Publishing


Targeted Output Format


Project Management

Our greatest assets are our clients and partners. We take their business serious. That is why we make sure that every document, file, picture, email, etc. is treated with care and discretion. We will never sell or publicly present anything related to our clients and partners without their written permission. Your business is save in our hands.

Privacy and Security

Because we work with multiple team members on multiple projects we make sure that we store and back-up everything according to the latest standards. We use cloud technology to make sure we work on the latest version of any document and for multiple back-ups on secured cloud servers and stations. This makes follow up requests and projects easier for us due to some of the features being the same (corporate identity, etc.). Our clients and partners can request a copy of the delivered product any time they want.

Storage and Back-Up